plate of fruit healthy food

15 Diabetic Food Swaps to Lower Your Blood Sugar

Eating a diabetic diet can be tough, especially since most people list what you can't eat. We have a list of 15 things you can eat that replace 15 bad things that you want to avoid.

25 Health Scares You Shouldn’t Worry About

25 Health Scares You Shouldn’t Worry About

These health scares may seem like the end of the world, but they've definitely been blown out of proportion.

Newborn Baby Health

Ensuring your new baby is healthy and stays healthy will be on your mind. Here are some things you need to know about newborn baby health.

Pink walled studio apartment

15 Cheap Hacks to Make Your Small Space Feel Bigger

The line between “cozy” and “uncomfortable” is defined in square footage—and how you make the most of it.

an investment income reporting sheet

The Fate of the Net Investment Income Tax Under GOP Tax Reform

While many of the provisions laid out in early iterations of the tax reform bill came to fruition, one exception was the originally planned repeal of the Net Investment Income Tax.

What is Enterprise Resource Planning

What is Enterprise Resource Planning?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has evolved over the past several decades and continues to evolve thanks to cloud computing. Here’s a look at what ERP is and where it’s headed.

Germs on an office phone

10 Places Germs are Hiding in the Office

The one place you should be safe from germs is your workplace, right? Sorry, but your office is a breeding ground for bacteria. Here are 10 places you are going to want to seriously disinfect.

A mobile app developer draws out a plan for a new app

What is a Mobile App Developer?

Mobile app developers create the fun and useful apps that everyone with a smartphone interact with on a daily basis. Mobile app development is a stable, growing technological field with lucrative pay, and a rewarding career.

A life coach goes over some paperwork with an older couple

How to Become a Life Coach

Life coaching is all the rage because it takes popular self-help concepts and puts it into professional practice. If you enjoy motivating people, you should consider becoming a professional life coach. Learn how here.

A museum devoted to instant ramen noodles is located in Osaka, Japan.

10 Most Interesting Museums in the World

Forget about stuffy artwork and old dinosaur bones. We've all seen those before! These museums offer looks at the quirkier aspects of human culture. Should there be entire museums devoted to ramen noodles? Probably not, but we aren't complaining.

Resorts World Genting in Malaysia is one of the largest hotels in the world

10 Largest Hotels in the World

These hotels spared no expense when it came to construction; they are the biggest in the world. The huge structures are like mini cities, with everything a visitor could ever want or need...all without leaving the complex.

The golden Aspens of Kebler Pass in Colorado make it one of the most beautiful forests in the world.

14 Forests That Will Make You Believe In Fairies

The woods speak to us, on some deep and primal level. They remind us of childhood stories; they contain mysteries and secrets and wondrous things to those who know how to look. These beautiful forests will almost certainly make you believe in fairies.

30 Hairstyles That Take 10 Years Off Your Age

There are tons of beauty products that claim to make you look 10 years younger, but you may have a secret weapon that you’ve never even considered—your hair! Here are 30 hairstyles that will take 10 years off!

Women wearing mini skirts

30 Most Iconic Fashion Trends of the 1960s

Fashion has a way of defining a decade, and the 60s are no exception! From daring silhouettes to wild colors, here are 30 of the most iconic trends that came out of the 60s and helped shape fashion as we know it today. 

peg and cat image

10 Best (and 8 Worst) Kids' Shows for Toddlers

Are you looking for a second to yourself? Here are 10 TV shows that you can put on for your kiddos, and 8 that you may want to avoid!

Hospitality managers play in a luggage cart

Pros and Cons of Hospitality Management Schools Online

If you want to get an education in hospitality management, you should look into enrolling in hospitality schools online. Learn about the pros and cons of getting your education in hospitality management online here.

Emma Watson walks the red carpet

25 Celebs Who Graduated From Ivy League Schools

While most celebs are famous for their award-winning talent and looks, these celebs have the brains to boot. Many celebs have attended college, but not all of them have stuck with it - unlike these 25 celebrities, who not only attended ivy league schools, but actually graduated.

Chefs perfect their food

Top Chef Schools

The best chefs tend to come from the top chef schools around the country. If you're an aspiring chef, check out these top chef schools that provide you unique education with the most well rounded and renowned programs.

5 Best Crossover SUVs of 2017

Like the mullet, crossover SUVs are a perfect combination of business and party, but which one should you get? These are our five favorite crossover SUVs of 2017.

2018 subaru forester

2018 Subaru Forester: A Trim Comparison

The 2018 Subaru Forester has a whopping six trims, so it can be hard to choose between them. These are the six trims simplified to help you choose which is best for your home.

a white and black two toned 2018 kia soul in a showroom

The Most Affordable SUVs of 2018

As the crossover market grows ever more competitive, buyers have more numerous affordable SUV options than ever before. These are the cheapest options.

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